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Frequently Asked Questions

Preparation of the examinee

What preparation is required before the hormonal tests?

No fasting or any other kind of preparation is required for hormone tests. However, if they involve fertility testing the tests should be performed on the 2nd - 4th day of the menstrual cycle.

What preparation is required before the biochemical blood tests?

A 12-hour fasting period is required for the biochemical blood tests. These tests are not affected by water consumption.

Do thyroid tests need to be done at a specific time?

No, there is no restriction. However, the thyroid medicine should be taken after the blood draw.

What preparation is required before a general urine or urine culture test?

No fasting is required for the urine tests. For the general urine test, collect the first urine of the day in a sterile urine collector. For urine culture, thorough washing and wiping with a clean towel is required. After the urine has flowed for a several seconds, place the special sterile urine collector in the stream with no use of an intermediate container.

What preparation is required before the vaginal fluid culture?

The use of vaginal suppositories and internal washings is not permitted. Sexual abstinence is required 3 days prior to obtaining the sample. Thorough external washing of the area with soap and water is required prior to collection.

Can I take my medication before the blood collection?

This is usually not a problem. However, in case you are on any type of medication, it is best to contact us by phone for more information before the examination.

What preparation is required before simple blood tests?

No special preparation is needed for simple blood tests, but it is best to perform the examinations in the morning. You can freely consume water and coffee without sugar or milk. Normally, the results are not affected by breakfast, except for the tests relating to metabolism, i.e. tests for diabetes, triglycerides and cholesterol. The latter require an overnight fast of 12 hours.

Do I need to make an appointment for a blood test or ultrasound?

For a simple blood collection, no appointment is required and there is usually no waiting time, when you attend. For the ultrasound section, however, you do need to have an appointment first.

Which payment methods are accepted by your laboratory?

We accept all payment methods. You choose whether you want to pay by cash or any credit card.

Could I have a blood collection at home or at my workplace?

Of course, by prior appointment. More details about this service can be found here.

How can I collect my test results?

All details of collecting results can be found here.

Will you be able to advise me on my test results?

All tests performed in our diagnostic centre are conducted under the supervision of Nikolaos Nitsos (Laboratory Director and expert microbiologist - biopathologist). He monitors all examinations from initial to final stage as well as participates in their final evaluation, offering personal contact and safety to all our clients.